This game is a simple useful computer programme to support the teaching and development of an autistic child. It will be made up of several small applications created over the last year. Some will be available to the public for free download, and some for a reasonable fee. Some of the software used was created by Director 11 which is the most appropriate for developing computer applications for the autistic child. Programmes, or rather small games which are presented here are simple and aesthetically pleasing. They contain only what is necessary, nothing more. Research has shown that most commercial and free educational programmes for children, unfortunately, are not suitable for use in teaching of a child with autism (Julie A. Hadwin 1999).


Many programmes available on the market are overloaded with colours, animation and sound effects, along with a huge number of options, interactions and dialogues which the autistic child either does not understand or does not want to use. In terms of engineering, many of them are of a very high standard; however it is the case for most of our children that they serve not as a development tool, but as a source of stimuli which leads to fixation and unwanted auditory- visual stimulation. Commercial applications to support the learning of children with autism, of course, exist. Some are good, but unfortunately as niche products, they are expensive. In the light of changing needs, gaps and opportunities for the education and development of a child, it is important to recognise that every child with autism is different.


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