The Federation of Poles in Great Britain has written a letter to Polish Television to express its strong disapproval of the broadcaster’s show Londonczycy (Londoners), which is shown nationwide every Thursday night.

Shot entirely in London and with an Anglo-Polish cast, it has become a hit with viewers, but Poles in Britain feel that the series portrays expatriate Poles in a bad light spicing storylines with drunkenness, sex and crime.

“Many Poles contribute a lot to London and that is why they feel very let down and insulted by the programme so far,” Wiktor Moszczynski, the federation’s spokesman, said. “The term Londoner used to be something to be proud of but now it has become a bit of a byword for sleaze, and the butt of jokes in Poland. It makes us a laughing stock.”

Monika Tkaczyk, who is one of the hundreds of thousands of Poles who moved to the UK following Polish accession to the EU in 2004, described the show as a “bad portrayal of Poles”, adding that it could have negative consequences for Poland.

The news that a British broadcaster has expressed an interest in buying the series has also alarmed UK-based Poles.

“If it is shown in Britain then it could make ammunition for people that have denigrated us in the past such as anti-immigration groups,” said Mr Moszczynski.”